Below you will find accessories and spares for your Valkyrie camera backpack

Additional Accessories

Valkyrie Waist Strap

Contoured to fit all body shapes and sizes, and featuring thick, comfortable padding with air-mesh, these detachable padded waist straps add extra comfort. 

Valkyrie Memory Card Wallet

Additional or replacement memory card wallet in a choice of 3 colours. These handy wallets allow you to keep your memory cards secure and organised. Can be attached to our Valkyrie Backpack or used separately and attached to a carabiner or keyring using the integral attachment loop.

Valkyrie Rain Fly

Allowing for extra protection from heavy rain and from dirt and debris, our lightweight rain covers feature the signature Toxic logo and are stored in the base of the bag.

Valkyrie Elastic Cord for Side Pocket

Retaining elastic is used for supporting larger items carried in the side pocket of the bag ensuring your gear remains secure.


Valkyrie Pocket Dividers

Our awesome dividers each have built-in pockets for all those cables, filters, lens cloths that usually get lost at the bottom of the bag. These help to create even more organisation within your bag.

Valkyrie Folding Dividers

Our Folding dividers help to organise your kit to allow for the optimal set-up inside your bag.

Valkyrie Frog Pocket Dividers

Our 'Frog' pocket divider folds to allow you to use the 'Frog' wet/dry pocket to stow wet items, and when extended can be used to divide the interior space for extra storage when the 'Frog' pocket is not in use. 

Valkyrie Divider

Our long divider is designed to separate the main interior space of your Valkyrie backpack. 


  1. Valkyrie Waist Strap
    Valkyrie Waist Strap
    From $12.99
  1. Toxic Memory Card Wallet
    Toxic Memory Card Wallet
    From $14.99
  1. Valkyrie Rain Cover
    Valkyrie Rain Cover
    From $9.99
  1. Valkyrie Elastic Cord
    Valkyrie Elastic Cord
  1. Valkyrie Pocket Divider
    Valkyrie Pocket Divider
    From $7.99
  1. Valkyrie Internal Divider Folding
    Valkyrie Internal Divider Folding
    From $9.99