Why Blend In When You Can Stand Out?

Born in a Chicken Shed in Stagsden, England, Toxic is the twisted step-sibling of award-winning support technology specialists 3 Legged Thing.


 Toxic is a culmination of ideals and innovation


We strive to achieve the highest standards, whilst ensuring the working conditions in our partner factories are indicative of our values, and the workers are treated with respect, and given the correct tools and safety equipment to fulfil their jobs. We use cleverly designed tessellating patterns to minimise waste materials and shred and recycle any cut-offs. We use the bare minimum of plastic content, and where possible we source recycled ocean plastics.

we refuse to bow to the tired, unimaginative, corporate and dull products that have flooded our industry for decades. Our brand is a corrosion of conformity, designed to handle the rigours of professional use, and provide effortless workflow and innovative organisation.

Aesthetically we challenge convention and embrace diversity. Why should a camera bag look like a camera bag? Because that’s how it’s always been done? We don’t make bags that look like briefcases for bankers and lawyers, we make bags for people – photographers of all shapes, sizes, ages, genders, colours and cultures.

We aspire to premium quality, flawless dynamics, extraordinary style, minimum fuss and maximum impact.


Our Unique Artwork

We have created awesome artworks for each of the products in the Toxic range. We also have a collection of early sketches

How They're Made

Using Premium fabric and a new wave of innovative and unique features our bags stand out from the crowd.